filming BMW drift mob commercial

the bmw driftmob

Another blatant example of anti-social car advertising. I must say this ad had no influence whatsoever on any car purchase I might have made. In fact I bought mine before the ad was even aired overseas.


mercedes AMG SLS on approach to the tunnel experiment

the mercedes tunnel advert

The intersection between an advertising wanker and a hoon must be car adverts. This is an advert for the Mercedes SLS AMG. It features Michael Scumacher, and is a remarkable piece of film-making.


people walking past a house after auction

solving the housing problem in Australia

Australia has a huge housing crisis.

OK, that is stating the obvious. What may surprise you is that it was predicted over ten years ago by our own  public servants. The Australian Government website has papers on this topic that date back to 2007 or earlier. All of them call out for some policy action or we will be in the type of trouble we now face.

moresolving the housing problem in Australia

Business person having an bright idea light bulb concept


I have come to the late realisation that the word “reality” has two unrelated meanings. One meaning is used by television producers, and the other is used by almost everyone else.

pay attention to Eleanor

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
Eleanor Roosevelt

my credo

I never had to apologise for something I didn’t say.

cover of the Man From Snowy River book


Soundbites and the three-word slogan have become the norm in most of our communication. They pervade our television news and our newspapers. They even influence our entertainment.