why we have reinstated email subscriptions

Responding to the backlash on our last post about removing email subscriptions we have changed our approach. This is known in Silicon Valley as a “pivot”.

We have reinstated the ability to register for email updates. But what we have done is remove the ability to login and access subscriber-only content.

Upon reflection, we found there was little value in subscriber-only content. Given we don’t gain income from monetisiing our customer base, there seemed little value in creating that wall. The only impact will be that subscribers to our cookbook will no longer be able to login and save favourite recipes. We are thinking through how we may restore that functionality.

Our original post can be read here. It discusses use of RSS feeds, rather than subscribing to email.

All of this is about protecting privacy. We do not want the responsibility of securing user names and passwords. We would be devastated to hear that we had been compromised, and that your user name and password was used to access other, more important, sites. We adopt industry standard protections, but guarantees are neither possible nor believable in this space.

Were we to be compromised, the bad actors would obtain your email address and the name you supplied on registration. We only require a first name.

Having said that, we believe the best way to access updates from our sites is to use the RSS feed.

Yes, we understand the convenience of requested email being delivered to your inbox.

You can achieve exactly the same thing by taking our site feed (shown at the bottom of each page) and pasting that into your news reading software.

But… We will still take your registration and send you emails when we add new posts.

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