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  • why we don’t offer email subscriptions any more

    why we don’t offer email subscriptions any more

    We have taken the decision to stop offering email subscriptions to our websites. We do, however, offer an alternative.

  • the real cost of free

    the real cost of free

    Free wi-fi, free sites, free services, free apps. Far from free when we consider that we are paying for them with information about ourselves and our friends.

  • dark, deep and clear

    dark, deep and clear

    In the last article I raised the apparent discrepancy between the number of web pages and the number of pages indexed by search engines. Those very simple statistics showed a discrepancy of 50%. In other words, the search engines only know about half the pages that are out on the web. Unfortunately, this inconsistency is hopelessly understated. And to know why, we need to look at the clear web, the deep web and the dark web.